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While it is true that Francis is a coward, he had a kind heart of which And third, Margot is a traitor who killed his husband as if she performed it by accident.In the earlier part of the story, it was revealed that Francis is aware that his wife stayed outside the tent for a long time at night.How will you explain the attitude of Margot in not understanding the fears of her husband?

That event leads us to think that Margot and Wilson took concerted efforts to end the life of Francis.

The character of Robert Wilson is very deceiving in the story.

Both hired a professsional guide and hunter named Robert Wilson to accompany their trail in the jungles of Africa.

Other characters of the story include the two gun bearers who always accompany them every hunting activity.

Oak Park, Illinois is the place where Hemingway grew up and he was born in 1899 (Gale 3).

He experienced many things in the woods of Michigan where his family lived and made his imagination tickle in that landscape and setting.

The said scandal was never disclosed by the media for obvious reasons.

In fact after short considerations experienced writers from concluded that, the story is not far from the real characteristic of Hemingway, his love of sports and outdoor activities.

The lifestyle of the writer which is rugged and adventurous inspires imitators across the globe.

In addition, Hemingway’s list of interests and profile such as being a hunter, fisherman, primary witness of various wars, and as avid bullfighting fan made him credible to write the story.


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