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"And when I found the arts, I realized that.” Lynch’s goal with this musical theater intensive is to end the overly frail and vulnerable stigmas associated with hemophilia by encouraging kids to find the arts, just like he did. “And if you can channel yourself toward the arts and be like, ‘You know what, I'm more than that. And this is how I'm going to put it in the world and hemophilia can’t take that away from me’ — that is empowering.” Lynch was reminded of that empowerment while reading Sperry's essay — one that stood out for the director.Lynch recalled a specific line that, in his mind, captured the entirety of what the arts can do for kids with hemophilia.Los Angeles native Arther Scott, 20, who has severe , is content as a freshman at the University of Portland in his Oregon hometown.

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Scholarship recipients will receive a congratulations letter from the chapter.

The New York City Hemophilia Chapter is committed to expanding programming for mental health and well-being for people with bleeding disorders.

“I had a host of really significant challenges with my hemophilia growing up — I was out of school all the time, I was suffering from really bad bleeds often (and) I was missing out on social activities.

“A kid who is affected by a bleeding disorder needs other things they can be incentivized to consider as forms of growth and socialization and ways to think outside of their school and prescribed environment," he continued.

19 — is thrilled at the opportunity to participate in such an innovative experience.

“I’m excited to spend time with 24 other kids with bleeding disorders and being able to work with these professional directors. to go out of their way and (put) time aside to work with us,” Sperry said.All are thriving, and all are proof that a bleeding disorder is no longer a barrier to higher education or to enjoyment of the college experience.Among the more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States, there is a good fit for almost any student with a bleeding disorder.[Life on Campus, Choosing a School and Career Search]College is a challenge for all students, regardless of whether they have a health problem.Stay tuned to read the winning essays in the weeks to come., attended two years of community college and lived at home before enrolling at Emerson College in Boston, 3,000 miles away from her family in Washington state.To qualify, you must either live in Pennsylvania (Eastern PA's coverage area) or if you live outside the state, then you must be treated at one of the following six Hemophilia Treatment Centers: Scholarship recipients receive up to ,000 a year for a maximum of 4 years, as long as the student remains in good standing with the college and completes a volunteer requirement at an Eastern PA event each year.The Eastern PA Hemophilia Foundation awards up to 15 undergraduate scholarships per year.With the sponsorship of Bio Marin, Lynch will direct the Breaking Through!Musical Theater Intensive, a three-day musical theater workshop in New York City where 25 teens from across the country who suffer from bleeding disorders will participate in a six-song musical titled “Hemophilia: The Musical.” The musical will be live-streamed from their Facebook page on Nov. Lynch explained that this workshop will not only teach performance skills, but he hopes it will also equip kids with management tools so they can feel more comfortable as their own advocate, learning how to speak to school administrators and coaches about their condition.The songs for the musical are inspired by the participants’ essays, and the musical's themes draw from their real-life struggles living with hemophilia, which include: dealing with stigma, being ostracized and bullied and even how tell a date you have hemophilia.Cottonwood Heights native Samson Sperry knows well the misconceptions associated with hemophilia, having been diagnosed at age 5.


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