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Kidder wrote in a 1994 essay, "In fiction, believability may have nothing to do with reality or even plausibility.It has everything to do with those things in nonfiction.

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The story of a doctor’s quest to heal the sick in a poor Haitian community and beyond. Paul Farmer is one of those characters the world could use a few more of, which is why it is great to have this book to put in as many young hands as possible.

He saw something his conscience simply could not abide—the medical neglect of poor people—and then went and did something about it, setting up a clinic to serve the medical needs of an impoverished Haitian neighborhood.

He has continued to write nonfiction books and articles, and these have been well received by the critics.

Kidder's 2009 book, Strength in What Remains, is a portrait of a man who survived the genocide in Burundi.

Evening was coming on, the town’s best hour, when the air changed from hot to balmy and the music from the radios in the rum shops and the horns of the tap-taps passing through town grew loud and bright and the general filth and poverty began to be obscured, the open sewers and the ragged clothing and the looks on the faces of malnourished children and the extended hands of elderly beggars plaintively saying, “Grangou,” which means “hungry” in Creole. Twenty thousand of them had been sent to reinstate the country’s democratically elected government, and to strip away power from the military junta that had deposed it and ruled with great cruelty for three years.

For most of us, this is the aim Never here to be realised; Who are only undefeated Because we have gone on trying . I was sitting with an American Special Forces captain, named Jon Carroll, on the building’s second-story balcony.He has received praise and awards for other works, including his biography of Paul Farmer, a doctor and anthropologist, titled Mountains Beyond Mountains (2003).Kidder is considered a literary journalist because of the strong story line and personal voice in his writing.I don't want The Road to Yuba City to see the light of day again.Kidder has said that, unlike many other writers, he was not much influenced by his Vietnam experience: "Of course, whenever you're in an experience like Vietnam, it is bound to influence your work; it's inevitable, but I really don't think it greatly shaped me as a writer." His works for Atlantic Monthly include several essays and short stories about the Vietnam War, including "The Death of Major Great" (1974), "Soldiers of Misfortune" (1978), and "In Quarantine" (1980).French has done a fine job of adapting Kidder's book for young readers, almost invisibly tinkering with the original storytelling while not dodging any of Farmer’s obsessive characteristics or forceful arguments.The power of the story, of the need to just get things done since there are always resources to tap if the cause is just, pours forth as Kidder intended.There were five visitors actually, four of them Haitians.They stood in the gathering shadows in front of the barracks, while their American friend came forward.I can't say anything intelligent about that book, except that I learned never to write about a murder case.The whole experience was disgusting, so disgusting, in fact, that in 1981 I went to Doubleday and bought back the rights to the book.


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