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She adapts so well to in order for the different child to acquire the most insight from her advice.She looks to the goal of making us children independent, successful, and competent in the world and while she challenges me to push my limits and work through struggles, she also hardly ever criticize me.

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She genuinely cares for the people she loves and always puts our needs before those of her own.

My mother is humble and selfless and works to connect and understand each of her children in order to help us grow emotionally and raise our capacities to laugh at ourselves and never take life too seriously.

She leads by example, showing us her values and making sure we live by our own.

She carries out this example by pushing us to do volunteer work and joining in herself.

She does almost anything to help when it came to education.

Although she does not have a lot of money to give, she helps me out any way she can.

She has been my teacher, counselor, role model, and friend for most of my life.

For me, she is a source of motivation and a reminder of what true love really means.

Where does a young soul on the precipice of moral and ethical development look if his father is not or cannot be the man his son wants and needs?

When my late sister called me 13 years ago with news that our father had died two days earlier, a bag of mixed emotions spilled inside me. My father had not been a part of my life, or me of his, for years.


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