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I agree, some people comment like it’s supposed to be some kind of broadsheet.I hope LC staff have fun reading all types of comments and they should do an article on what they feel about/laugh at in the comments section.

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am- Arrive back at college where I will probably file some notes away from the last week and tidy my room/do general housework as for me a tidy room most definitely creates a tidy mind. My college, Regents Park, has a daily brew (Monday - Friday) at 11am and 4pm meaning there is free tea and biscuits in the JCR.

This is the perfect time to catch up with friends across college and to see everyone before the busy part of the day begins.

Though the thought of submitting an essay with such a flagrantly inappropriate title is enough to keep some students up at night, it seems Kahler isn’t alone.

Another tweeter, Faith Jay, says she did something very similar: Must be Friday.

4-pm- Tutorial lengths differ depending on the tutor’s preference and timetable for that day/week, most are an hour but sometimes they can be over an hour.

This tutorial was based on my reading and essay of Virginia Woolf’s novels particularly focusing on how the consciousness was - Arrive at the library to return my books from last week’s essay (this routine works really well for me and means so far I haven’t managed to get any fines).If my tutor has given me this week’s reading list in advance I will also collect my new books whilst I am here to save time later in the week.Unfortunate A student who appears to have made the very unfortunate mistake of submitting a criminal law essay with the title ‘Fuck my life’ has gone mega-viral after she posted about her embarrassment on Twitter.Morgan Kahler says she forgot to update the title of her essay on the criminal justice system before she filed it her professor, Joe Yocum.Rather than shying away from the error, Kahler, who is in the second year of her degree at the University of Nebraska, decided to share her shame on social media.Though Kahler has a humble Twitter following of 765 people, the tweet’s impact has been far greater.We will usually eat dinner together and have a catch up about our days/what we plan to do in the week.After dinner I will speak to my family back home, which I try to do pretty often as I love hearing what they are up to whilst I am I am most definitely a morning person so for me my day begins at am with a walk to the English Faculty Library which is a 10-15minute walk from my college.The walk is quite nice especially on a sunny day whilst listening to music and is a relaxing enough start to my busy day.


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