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It is difficult to con someone who is skeptical about the situation because they will push for more evidence until they are convinced it is genuine.The ability for a skeptic to be convinced by evidence is also proportional to the claim being made, as said by Carl Sagan's famous soundbite "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence".Oftentimes something will be half right or situationally right or even just pointing to something genuinely amiss.

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The nature of skepticism is that no one's word can ever just be trusted and accepted without questions and without evidence.

This can be a problem for people who don't like this because it is fundamentally distrustful, or the people who know that they cannot supply evidence to back up their claims.

Theories and suggestions that can be, and are, backed by evidence and are deemed logically coherent are kept, while those that fail this test are rejected - but, very importantly, nothing is ever held above this challenge.

Regardless of how often an idea or theory passes the test of evidence, skepticism holds that there is always a possibility, however slight, that it might be wrong.

As a result, skepticism is the true meaning of having an open mind, and in many respects is synonymous with the scientific method.

The skeptical method provides numerous protections against cons and intentional malice by refusing to accept ideas until they have been demonstrated true.

Martin Gardner's 1952 work, Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science, was one of the earliest comprehensive works of skepticism and is considered a classic.

In it, Gardner criticizes weird things like UFOs, homeopathy, and Scientology on the grounds that they lack supporting evidence.

Skepticism, at its heart, holds that in order to understand the universe, it is best to actually look at it and find out.

This means challenging those who merely assert their beliefs about nature, and demanding that they show how they have derived their ideas.


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