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If unreal preventives are medically proven to bring on abortion as one of their mechanisms of action. Compulsory Age-Appropriate Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education. shall be taught by adequately trained instructors in formal and non-formal instruction system get downing from Grade Five up to Fourth Year High School…to both public and private schools…and shall include.

so procurance and distribution of such household planning supplies are unconstitutional and illegal.

which provides that “No jurisprudence shall be passed foreshortening the freedom of address. * The advocates of the RH Bill are inquiring an initial support of P3B! Summary of support Advocates argue: ( 1 ) Economic surveies. show that rapid population growing and high birthrate rates. worsen poorness and do it harder for the authorities to turn to it.

How much money will the measure pass if implemented? That’s ( still ) the hottest issue here in the Philippines. hold demonstrated that the correct and consistent usage of latex rubbers reduces the likeliness of HIV infection by 80 to 90 % . 000 studies on sex instruction plans worldwide show that sex instruction classs did non take to earlier sexual intercourse. Q: Natural household planning is free and effectual. including household planning and antenatal attention. Any individual or public functionary who prohibits or restricts the bringing of legal and medically safe generative wellness attention services will be meted punishment by imprisonment or a all right.

While there is general understanding about its commissariats on maternal and child wellness. Whether a twosome ( Catholic or non ) listens to her and tolerates by this rule is non for the Church to interfere.

but I have a solution to halt the overpopulation and forestall the uninterrupted addition of poorness rate in our state. * One of the content of RH Bill is household be aftering that includes prophylactic methods ; it can assist to cut down the birth rate in a household that causes overpopulation. she would renegue on on her pastoral duty to her flock. How certain are we that openness to life of sex is a natural jurisprudence that applies to all work forces? Pope Paul VI in his encyclical Humanae Vitae warned of the annihilating effects of this sort of behaviour. Contraceptive method can forestall the sperm cell of males and egg cell of females to run into because when the sperm and egg cell meet inside the generative organ of females they will subsequently develop as a babe inside the mother’s uterus. * Violation of natural Torahs brings inevitable effects. this facilitated the Sexual Revolution of the sixties and 70s. * The word “prevent” is non synonymous for “killing” the Catholic church base for utilizing this method shows that utilizing this method of preventing is a manner of killing one’s life. Advantage of RH BILLHopes to supply accoucheuses for skilled attending to childbirth and exigency obstetric attention. Possible Questions of the Opponent and Its Answers to the Questions * Very pertinent to the argument about reproduction rights is the right to life. The Filipino Constitution says that the State “shall every bit protect the life of the female parent and the life of the unborn from construct. 12 of our fundamental law: “…The natural and primary right and responsibility of parents in the raising of the young person for civic efficiency and the development of moral character shall have the support of the Government. ” This is large concern for pharmaceutical companies whose purchase of its merchandises will be required by jurisprudence! Is it true that the measure carries punishments of mulcts and imprisonment for any misdemeanor? Smaller households and wider birth intervals could let households to put more in each child’s instruction. nutrition and finally cut down poorness and hungriness at the family degree. Part of this is for the purchase preventive drugs and devices to be given to the hapless. 10 that “products and supplies for modern household planning methods shall be included in the regular purchase of indispensable medical specialties and supplies of all national and local infirmaries and other authorities wellness units. 29 of the measure provides: “Any misdemeanor of this Act or committee of the foregoing forbidden Acts of the Apostless shall be penalized by imprisonment runing from one ( 1 ) month to six ( 6 ) months or a mulct of Ten Thousand ( P 10. ( 2 ) Empirical surveies show that poorness incidence is higher among large households. ” * vitamin D ) The measure will besides let abused and/or pregnant bush leagues to seek generative wellness service without parental consent. harmonizing to the DOH ; ( 4 ) Studies show that 44 % of the gestations in the poorest quintile are unanticipated. The state is non a public assistance province: taxpayer’s money should non be used for personal patterns that are harmful and immoral ; it can be used to inform people of the injury of BCPs. He said that his place “is more competently called responsible parentage instead than generative wellness. Where does the DOH acquire their budget for rubbers? is the foundation of the household and shall be protected by the State. ” * * vitamin E ) The measure will punish any individual who maliciously engages in disinformation about the purpose or commissariats of the measure. It is clearly a embezzlement of taxpayer’s money when the one million millions of pesos they intend to pass could be used for other precedences like instruction. ( 3 ) Ten to eleven maternal deceases daily could be reduced if they had entree to basic health care and indispensable minerals like Fe and Ca. which can change from deficiency of gestation wellness attention service. nor accordingly can she be their authorization ; she is merely their depository and their translator. If they are proroguing gestation for some sedate ground. All other yearss outside this window of birthrate are available to them to bask their connubial act. * Women ne’er lose that right since they are the 1s who get pregnant. * a ) The RH measure will necessitate: I ) All schools ( including Catholic schools ) to learn unreal household be aftering methods to HS pupils ; two ) Employers to give their employees reproductive wellness services ; iii ) Health attention service suppliers to give preventives and execute vasectomy or ligation. the authorities should look into the causes of adult females deceasing from childbearing. The authorities should concentrate its resources to bettering these. * Contraceptives are readily available and the DOH has been administering preventives and rubbers bing authorities is one million millions of pesos through the old ages. they want to pass the mandatory purchase of these points by gov’t infirmaries. It is for this ground that Pope Paul VI in his encyclical Humanae Vitae said: “Of such Torahs the Church was non the writer. Signs and symptoms that tell her she is fertile accompany this twenty-four hours. she and her hubby may make up one’s mind to hold sex in order to gestate. * Contraceptives and rubbers make a adult female available for sex anytime. any good thing that is enjoyed without restraint loses its value. Make preventives and rubbers give adult females the right to take whether to go pregnant or non? This is good in doing a twosome matured and responsible because they learn to train themselves alternatively of merely giving in to their natural desires. What other constitutional rights does the measure violate? who as such are human existences every bit worthy of regard.


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