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You may think that the media is the only organisation that takes advantage of breaking news to increase sales and popularity. As the saying goes the people in parliament are usually 'Male, Pale and Stale' meaning Male, White and Old.

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Media is a huge consortium of people working together that has an impact on every aspect of our lives.

I feel that we need the media specifically to find out news for us, they can find out information much easier than us and often information that we cannot get hold of due to their influential power or large amounts of money.

They always have pictures and information exposing someone be it a celebrity or a respected member of a community.

Broadsheets are in my own opinion a better read but take much longer due to the vast amount of information to either read/browse through.

With the advent of new technology the media has gained new dimension and great strength.

It has transformed the present age into information explosion.

The Media is so vast and complex that it's impossible to sum up what it is in a few words.

The Media covers a wide variety of people's interests.

Communication channels through which news, entertainment, education, data, promotional messages are disseminated are called media.

Media includes broadcasting and narrowcasting channels such as, TV, radio, telephone, newspapers, magazines, billboards, fax and internet.


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