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It soon became clear that indulgence wasn't just limited to the sections involving sugary treats.Cosmetics, fragrant shampoos, bubble bath, candles and potpourri all worked with the same theme. I often find myself wanting more enjoyable things in my life.

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The Supermarket The other day I walked into the supermarket to buy a box of Kleenex.

I was faced with a variety of colors, textures, box designs, and even the option of aloe.

Markets have existed for as long as humans have engaged in trade.

The earliest bazaars are believed to have originated in Persia, from where they spread to the rest of the Middle East and Europe.

No longer just a place to buy food, the supermarket has become a place to cash a check, buy a birthday card, or pick up some tulip bulbs.

These new extras are all centered on the idea of convenience. Shopping becomes an experience that allows us to define who we are.

When people have products to sell, they set up a market place.

There may be a special building for the market place, or the market may be held in an open space where the sellers can put up a stall (like a kind of tent) and then take the stall down at the end of the day.

All these features designed for a product to blow my nose into!

Selection wasn't limited to the Kleenex section, either…I found abundance in every aisle.


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