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The “right to know” view would have it that I only lie to my wife when I assert to both that I gave the money away to charity.

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Consider the following scenario: I spend $500 of family money on gambling.

My wife has a right to know what happened to this money; my ten-year old son does not.

And it would justify untenable conclusions, for if anything is justified in war, it is the use of arms.

Yet the pro-life movement has, rightly in my view, converged on an understanding that the use of arms to stop abortion is right: it provides a counter-witness to the value of life; it constitutes an unjustified attack on our nation’s overall legal structure; and it is unlikely either to bring peace or to result in a proportionate balance of benefits over harms. Perhaps, as some suggest, lying could be justified via double effect?

The Live Action “Actors” Lied Let us begin, then, with the first set of objections.

Was there really no lying done in the Live Action “stings”?

Second, some think that the Live Action actors made, or perhaps could have made, no false assertions.

The second set of criticisms concerns whether it is always wrong to lie; many critics deny just this, for one or more of the following reasons. Many critics have claimed that if it is always and everywhere wrong to lie, then such practices as undercover police (or journalistic) work, and some forms of espionage are also wrong.

This judgment reaffirms a claim from the Catechism of the Council of Trent: “In a word, lies of every sort are prohibited.” But we seek here some further understanding of why this unequivocal condemnation might be entirely reasonable.

The first objection was, to recall, that lying is permissible in war.


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