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There is always a negative aspect that is always associated with their success.A critical analysis on many famous people reveals that there is always a tendency by the famous people to gain their fame in dubious means.

There is always a negative aspect that is always associated with their success.

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It is also important to note that media is an agent of this negative notoriety.

The media and especially the television have been instrumental in creating a culture that promotes negative notoriety.

Fame and notoriety is not always what it seems to be.

In reality, fame and notoriety have been shaping cultures in a very negative manner.

People who have no intellectual discipline will always act like they know everything.

Famous people are known of trying hard to argue and trying to make their arguments influence other people.For example, there are hundred of famous people known to be drug addicts and indulge in irresponsible sexual behaviors.There are extreme cases of famous people committing suicide as they try to escape from reality and self-awareness.For many years, Armstrong has been celebrated and has inspired millions of young people who wanted to make a career in sports.Armstrong is now a big let down to many people who believed in him.Famous people have limits on how they think, act and behave publicly.It is easier to notice that famous people always tend to focus on satisfying their audience and fans.The famous want to keep their followers entertained, thus forgetting their own personal development.Another reason as to why the public should be wary of fame is that one is always vulnerable to losing their intellectual discipline.This is justified by various observations made from the behaviors of the so called famous people.Most of the world known American rappers in the music industry are known to be associated with drugs and possession of firearms.


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