Essay On Can Computers Replace Books

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The question this leads many people to ask is, should students’ textbooks be replaced by notebook computers in the classroom?

There is no doubt computers are powerful tools — after all, they are used for almost everything we do today.

If schools replaced textbooks with computers (like an i Pad), the school would be spending $499 or more for just one i Pad.

On top of that price, the school would have to pay around $15 for each virtual textbook.

Also, I learned in another article, “Are You Ready, Schools?

” that it really does cost more to replace course books with computers.Replacing textbooks with computers would also jeopardize your physical health.According to the article, “Computer-related Injuries,” it states that, “long periods of using a computer can increase your chance of developing an injury.” After reading this, it reminded me of my mother.The debate between “textbooks vs computers” has been going on for a long time and with more technology in the classroom than ever, that debate won’t end anytime soon.Tablets, smartboards, and other technologies continue to make their way into the classroom as learning tools for students.This actually surprised me that at first, I thought it was just an opinionated statement; but they had facts to prove it to be true.The usual cost for a printed textbook is around 5, however, it can be used for a little longer than five years.In contrast, you can guess that these students who didn’t use computers for textbooks probably were much more focused and were able to concentrate and grasp the concept held within the schoolbook.I can actually relate to this concept within my own life.Technology is such a harmful thing; so why would we want to envelop our youth with it?One of the biggest questions on the minds of educators is how much technology is enough in the classroom.


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