Essay On Corruption And Anti Corruption

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But its site-value greatly depends on location and is related to the community density in that region, as well as the natural resources present, such as rivers, minerals, animals and plants of specific use, or of natural beauty, when or after it is possible to reach them.

Consequently, most of the land-value is created by man within his society and therefore its advantage should logically and ethically be returned to the community for its general use, as explained by Martin Adams (“LAND- A New Paradigm for a Thriving World”, North Atlantic Books, California, 2015).

Consequently, for a truly socially just and ethical kind of taxation to apply there can only be one method–Land-Value Taxation or LVT.

The most basic cause of our continuing poverty is the lack of properly paid work and the reason for this is the limiting control and lack of opportunity for access to the land on which the work must be done.

The useful land is monopolized by a landlord, who either holds it out of use (for speculation in its rising value), or charges the tenant heavily for its right of access.

In the case when the landlord is also the producer, he/she has a monopolistic control of the land and of the produce too, and can charge more for it or for the access right than an entrepreneur would do, who in seeking greater opportunity and trade, is willing to exploit the situation less during the goods’ sale.

If people firstly concentrate on the respect of rules and régulations that govern the entity (family, enterprise, government, Council, country)and systematically apply sanctions against those (whoever they could be regardless of their rank, grade or cast) who depart from thèse rules, corruption will disappear without any other additional remedy. Another way you can fight corruption in people is by fighting the corruption that is within you, first. Konneh -Liberia Basically corruption comes down to one thing; the exploitation of most people by a few greedy ones who don't respect them.

If anyone fight the insider corruption, he / she will be strong enough to fight against the outsider corruption. In many developing countries and in well-developed countries too, corruption comes from the exploitation of the natural resources and also in the improvements.

He/she may wait until the city expands and the site becomes more valuable.

This speculation in land-values is encouraged by the law, in treating a site of land as if it were an item of private property--that is to say, as if it were an item of capital goods, although it is not (as described by Prof.


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