Essay On Creative Problem Solving

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Production therefore is hindered by too much thought and planning.

The creative act is one of letting go to the initial inspiration, literally.

The essence of creativity is the ability to drop judgements and do something that could be totally innovative, or not.

The innovator is by definition someone who challenges the status quo.

The common denominator is that there comes a point when both types of artists let go and paint.

The result is something new, seemingly out of nowhere.Sometimes instead the innovation block is a real block.In these cases it can come into three shapes: This is a real artist’s block.This is very simply explained by the fact that production is not in the mind, but in the world. When you are anxious, you often simply mix-up the two processes: you try to de-duce new informations in the attempt to pro-duce something.The more thoughts you interpose between your initial idea and the act of creating, the less likely you are to actually create, because you’ll be thinking rather than doing. It doesn’t work, it’s like trying to mow the grass through thinking of what’s the grass made off.It is as easy as starting something of the spur, and refining later.The innovation block is when you can produce, but you fail to innovate.In the act of creativity, the maker transforms and combines old elements to produce something new.The act can be that of a spontaneous flow, or of a thought-through process of elements recombination.This definition of creativity is important since it shows us two points where a block can happen: 1) the capacity to produce, and 2) the capacity to innovate. This first problem happens when you sit down and you set the intention to create something. As you set the intention, you already feel drained of any ideas, your mind goes blank. The production is the most basic block since it can happen even if we are not even attempting to innovate, but only to create.It’s the first one to address, since the ability to produce is a prerequisite to the capacity of innovate.(I know that in a company, the roles of production and innovation can be divided between different people.


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