Essay On Discipline In The Classroom

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Professor Ligo described him as hard working gentlemen who hate laziness and other forms of procrastination.

Ligo had many reasons for selecting this form of discipline to teach.

Discipline the important element of everything in this world.

It can be defined as following some rules and regulations in everyday works of life.

Discipline is the name of applying or adopting few core values or rules by a person.

A man when he is punctual, regular, honest and careful of his work, is called a disciplined man.Thus, the only result is the creation of more chaos in our schools.Administrative and ministerial regulations are tending more and more towards giving more rights to students at the expense of teachers and the whole educational system. All in all, it’s become very rare to ask a teacher about his career without talking about the endless problems with students in the classroom; and not to talk about what happens during the days of examinations.Hence, we are meeting more challenges, becoming targets and even victims of students’ assaults. Suffice it to say it’s become too hard for a lot of teachers, especially novices, to deal with such challenges.From my point of view, and to get away from sterile descriptions of reality, the causes of indiscipline lie in problems at home, with friends, at school or even in oneself as a student.A smiling and humane teacher will always be close to his students.A proficient and knowledgeable teacher will never break down in class and always stay firm.That’s why students are always asked to learn discipline from an early age Discipline is essential for human being.If we look at the history we learn that mankind has been successful many times only because of discipline.The teacher’s personality plays a pivotal role in class control.A man/woman of values is respected and looked at as an educator not a mere teacher of a subject.


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