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This unwanted ritual has been following since the pre historical time and now has become a curse for the people who are not financially able to fulfil the demand of groom’s side.Generally a huge portion of population is much aware about this worst crime and its side effects but cannot remain away from becoming the part of it while they are well educated and financially strong.Dowry is a simple word with five latter but consist a huge curse for the bride and her family who are forced to give demanded dowry to the bridegroom’s side at the time of daughter’s wedding.

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For bride side sometimes dowry depends on the physical beauty of bride; if bride is not physically beautiful her parents have to pay more money in dowry.

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One of the worst social crimes thriving in our country is “DOWRY SYSTEM”.

It is badly influencing most of the parents who have given birth to a girl child.

Various actions have been taken for ending this crucial problem in our country by the government and non-government organizations.

By government of India, an act has been declared to prohibit the give and take dowry directly or indirectly, enacted in year of 1961.Many organizations either government or non-government has been continuously putting all their efforts for ending or destroying this evil from our country since many years and in result, ratio of this crime in India is falling but still could not be able to throw it from root.Basic idea behind this ritual was to make comfortable the newly wedded couple with all essential things that may be required for starting up their new life.And this crime has also become the reason of another cruel crime of “Female Feticide”.The system of dowry takes place where groom’s family are greedy and want to do a business deal with bride’s family and demands cash, vehicle, clothes, gold, furniture, appliances, utensils or other things on the cost of their son and they name it as “wedding ceremony”.Some people has made this oldest practice of developing a new relation between two individual families, called marriage, a kind of business, which completely favour the groom’s family as they are offered various expensive things from the bride’s family.In India, criteria has been set for this cruel evil of Dowry System “richer the family, higher the dowry demand” means people from financially well established family ask more money according to their status or according to their son’s qualification.The difference is only that people are in well dress and demands for hard cash, property, movable things, furniture, gold and many more.Though, in our country India everyone knows that demanding or giving dowry is a crime according to dowry prohibition act of 1961 but most of the people are still doing or being the part of this crime in hidden.Dowry is not that when parents offers something, either expensive or not, to the groom’s side on the occasion of her daughter’s wedding by their own wish, but when they are forced to give expensive things to the groom’s side then it is called Dowry.In our country India, various government and non-government organizations are working since many years for ending this evil but still could not get success.


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