Essay On Educate And Empower The Girl Child

Ending girl child’s early marriage is also important.

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Education not only gives them the power to deal but also ensures them about feeling safe and complete regarding all levels of education.

Various NGOs, other organization and also government funds are being raised in order to give the girl child a scope to shine in life.

Poverty remains factor to cease: There are about 16 million girls between the ages of 6 and 11 who had never entered the school campus with boys.

The number is just the same with the girls in South and West Asia.

The importance of Girl’s Education in many countries today has reached a star level of success.

The primary and the secondary enrolments in schools are taken much care.

Better educated girls can make a better arrangement by making decisions towards a productive life. A more active role in local bodies and state policies will accelerate the process of empowerment of women.

In South Asian countries importance of Girl’s Education has been crucial.

The impact of violence also has negative management in education and curbs the safety among education. The parents are afraid to send their daughters to school.

This is due to the violence directed against girls.


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