Essay On Ethnic Problems Of Pakistan

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Otherwise, the subsidies that NATO countries are giving to the Afghan National Security Forces will mean keeping afloat a state that is at war with itself and unable to focus on the enemy. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.

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Iran's strategy of watching Americans bleed in Afghanistan and the wider region is contributing to the failure of the NATO mission as a whole.

Language, ethnicity, trade, sectarian politics and cultural ties are all tools used by Iran for the promotion of its interest, not for the common good of people in the region.

According to primordialists, ethnicity is embedded in inherited biological attributes, a long history of practicing cultural differences, or both.

Ethnic identity is seen as unique in intensity and durability and as an existential factor defining individual self-identification and communal distinctiveness.

Ethnicity will continue to play a dominant role in the politics of Afghanistan.

The restoration of national consensus over the democratic process and the political system is key to the country's stability.

Tangible characteristics, such as shared culture or common visible physical traits, are important because they contribute to the group’s feeling of identity, solidarity, and uniqueness.

As a result, the group considers perceived and real threats to its tangible characteristics as risks to its identity.

Solidifying a national identity is very important to avoid tensions between ethnic groups.

The politics of co-option and patronage will not help Afghanistan reduce its security expenditures or increase its development.


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