Essay On Facing It By Yusef Komunyakaa

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Nothing but bullets and pain” which shows the reader how emotionally effected Turner has been by the war.

Like Yusef, it also capitalizes his vulnerability to the situation as well.

In Turners poem “The Hurt Locker”, Turner touches upon the same emotions as Yusef: fear and sadness.

He opens up his poem by saying “Nothing but hurt left here.

Indeed, the title itself, the Vietnamese phrase for “crazy in the head,” signals to the reader the bewildering effect that this long war had on all participants.

The Vietnamese referred to American soldiers as , but the war itself bred a kind of insanity in everyone involved.Another major feature of Komunyakaa’s style is what has been labeled his montage technique.By this means, he builds many of his poems by superimposing one image upon another in order to create a single, complex, thematically related word picture. Reflective Outline Thesis Statement: As a veteran of the Vietnam War, Yusef Komunyakaa revisited the experiences and pain of having been in one of the most difficult wars in US History. Komunyakaa, again, experiences the sights, the memories of things that happened years ago. Komunyakaa, again, experiences the sights, the memories of things that happened years ago. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial brings back many experiences in very real, life-like detail.To Komunyakaa, the poem is a mechanism for self-discovery, a means by which both the poet and the reader can probe the outer layers of any experience with the intention of arriving at some core meaning.Indeed, much of Komunyakaa’s work focuses on this desire to get at the heart of the matter, whether it is who humans are or where they find themselves at any given moment in their lives.In the poem “My Father’s Love Letters,” for example, the poet confesses his desire to slip a warning into the note he writes to his mother on behalf of his illiterate father that “Mary Lou Williams’ ’Polka Dots & Moonbeams’/ Never made the swelling go down.” This 1940 ballad, written by the team of Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heusen but whose performance by African American jazz vocalist Mary Lou Williams is remembered by the poet, captures the euphoria of a young couple’s first dance; its romantic imagery stands in sharp contrast to the bleak reality of a marriage after the magic wears off.The line also highlights the conflict between the boy’s desire to assist his father in his quest to lure his wife back to him despite his past history of physical abuse and his simultaneous wish that his mother would keep her present distance and stay safe.The first poem in this volume, “Camouflaging the Chimera,” focuses on the soldier’s desire to blend into the landscape in order to conceal himself from the enemy and to carry out his murderous mission. Ciara Desmond In the poem “Facing It” by Yusef Komunyakaa, the speaker is remembering his experiences in the Vietnam War and all the soldiers whose lives were lost.


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