Essay On Geometry In Building Construction

Students then progress to Decoding plans, where they are invited to build 3-D models from the codes for each shape.

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Formulae for each type of heat loss are given and students apply this information to calculate the total heat loss from information about a specific building in winter conditions.

A table to record results is given and questions regarding the reduction of carbon emissions, consideration of the major sources of heat loss as well as where and how it might be possible to reduce these values are posed.

Mathematical topics covered are coordinates, estimating and measuring distances, constructing perpendiculars to find shortest distances and measuring angles Uses of triangles - practical situations which explore the mathematical topics of angles of elevation, scale diagrams, trigonometry, area of triangles, angles in a triangle and angles in a polygon Special triangles - looks at geometric construction of equilateral triangles and isosceles triangles plus the uses and ideas behind Pythagoras’ Theorem Circles and other interesting curves - explores the need to find areas of circles, sectors of circles, tangents, radii and shows how to construct the parabola, hyperbola, cardioid and ellipse Mathematics In this video Andy Grice, teacher of mathematics at Brune Park Community College in Gosport, delivers a practical lesson on trigonometry to a class of GCSE students.

Working in groups, they first estimate the height of four buildings on the school site.

Mathematics This resource requires students to investigate heat loss from a building.

The introduction looks at fabric heat loss (external walls, windows, roof etc.) and ventilation heat loss through cracks and openings in the external building fabric (around window frames, door, etc.).

The book covers many aspects of geometry from a practical perspective.

Highlights include: Fixing positions - an exploration of ways of identifying location.

Students have to give unambiguous descriptions to enable their partner to build an identical copy of a hidden shape, whilst the partner has to listen and interpret the descriptions accurately.

Different views is designed to engage pupils in visualising a three dimensional object from limited but sufficient information, given in code, for the front, side and plan views of shapes.


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