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This is not to suggest that we should reject altogether current approaches and their indices.

This is not to suggest that we should reject altogether current approaches and their indices.In fact, the purposes of Human Development, Sustainable Development and Millennium Development Goals are noble and supported by fairly well developed indicators.

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However, we should be open to the possibility that varying methodologies and resultant outcomes could be different from the goals of GNH.

What GNH calls for is a holistic, comprehensive approach to development.

It is also noteworthy that, there is a general consensus that conventional development process and contemporary way of life are not sustainable.

We see GNH as offering a more rational and human approach to development: Socio-cultural pre-disposition towards GNH Traditional polity in Bhutan, drawing much on the Buddhist culture, was always guided towards GNH.

It calls for proactive public policy and programme intervention and commitment of necessary resources.

But we could agree that these diverse efforts and coalescence of interests can and must contribute to the promotion of happiness as a serious state responsibility, and that it must not be rejected conveniently as utopian or ideological.

Yet it is ironic that human society is pervasively susceptible to confusion between this simple end and the complexity of means.

This explains why conventional development or economic growth paradigm is seriously flawed and delusional.

It is heartening to observe that toward the end of the last century and at the beginning of this millennium, the reflective and the analytical across all sections of society are seeing the need to search for a clearer purpose and a more rational approach to development.

There is a growing level of dissatisfaction with the way in which human society is being propelled without a clear and meaningful direction by the force of its own actions.


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