Essay On Healthy Mind Lives In A Healthy Body

Although things can be tough, an important realization you have to make is that stress is a manageable and temporary condition.

By giving your body what it needs, you can ensure that your mind is at its optimal state to take on the world, your business or simply get through the day.

In one study, researchers found that those who exercised regularly.

were 25 percent less likely to develop anxiety disorders from the long-term stress.

Water is best drank half hour before and half hour after meals to allow for proper digestion of the food.

5 Paragraph Essays 4th Graders - Essay On Healthy Mind Lives In A Healthy Body

The chemicals your body produces during stress turn genes on and off that can affect your immune system, metabolism, detoxification and brain function.

As an entrepreneur, life is already a bit more stressful without difficult life circumstances.

Throw in a family illness and a new move while building a business, a position I found myself in this past year, and it can all become a bit too overwhelming.

Studies have shown that even mild dehydration (1-3% fluid loss) can impair many aspects of brain function such as mood, concentration and frequency of headaches.

Water is also needed for the brain's production of hormones and neurotransmitters.


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