Essay On Identical Twins

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Seeing how they interact as members of my high school team, I could clearly see the bond.

No matter what they were doing or talking about, they agreed or supported each other.

Secondly I will address individuality and its importance among twins.

Last I will talk about the difference between identical and fraternal twins and how this effects their relationship.

“If Mommy’s not here but my twin is, that will soothe me.

” It’s that helping each other in times of stress that allows many multiples to more easily adjust to unfamiliar situations * I think that it would be kind of cool to be a twin because you always have a best friend with you no matter what.It’s having a safe harbor for your embarrassing secrets.Dora and Doris are incredibly close women and show this by their abundance of similarities. Another set of twins that I got to know well in high school actually played hockey with me.The now 84 year old pair appeared on CBS evening news in 2007 to mark their 80th birthday.Through all their years, they can only remember one day when they weren’t wearing the same shoes. Really, this whole ritual of mirroring one another is just an excuse for keeping close.Even in the womb, there was a lot of working together sharing a very small space.” Yet it’s not only this preordained creation that makes the twin bond so special; there are other forces at work, too.You can’t look alike if you don’t get your hair done together.You can’t coordinate outfits if you don’t talk every day.Which is why you never will see them dressing differently.But they say the greatest thing about having someone so like you for so long isn’t just being able to finish each other’s sentences.


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