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(Wilson, F M (2004) Organizational Behaviour and work) While Maslow’s theory seems to make sense at first, there is little to show that a strict hierarchy works in every day working life.

In fact research contradicts the order of needs because in some cultures they tend to put social needs before any other need.

Many organisations face difficulties when trying to motivate their staff.

If the employees are motivated the company is likely to be more successful.

In all motivation theories there are always advantages and disadvantages, Maslow has been critical of his theory himself, in a statement he said: “My motivation theory was published 20 years ago and in all that time nobody repeated it, or tested, or really analyzed it or criticised it. Oxford University press, page146 (Lowry 1982:6 Clayton Alderfer proposed the ERG theory, which is very similar to Maslow’s theory, it also describes needs as a hierarchy.

They just used it, swallowed it whole with only the minor modification” Ref- Wilson, F. The letters ERG stand for three levels of needs: Existence, Relatedness, and Growth.

This is where empowerment plays a very important part in a company’s progression.

( French, R., et al, 2008, Organizational Behaviour.

(French, R et al, 2008 Organizational Behaviour p161) Physiological needs are food, drink, shelter and sex, Safety needs are the security and protection from physical and emotional harm. That means a person will strive for good relationships with people and a place within there group.

.(Wilson, F M(2004) Organizational Behaviour and work) The needs that Maslow has at the bottom of the pyramid are based on basic needs concerned with survival or lower order needs, and these must be satisfied before a person can go to the next level on the hierarchy of needs until self actualization which Maslow argued that although everybody is able to, not many reach this level.


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