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Arthur Birling can be stubborn and has his views on the business he is managing.

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Birling is one of the most stubborn characters in the play, and refuses to back down to the Inspector when it is suggested that he is to blame for Eva's death.

This reflects a lack of social responsibility and justice in his character, and demonstrates Priestley's disdain for Capitalist beliefs and society.

Being a father he wants the best for his children and does not want to upset or distress them.

He also approves of Sheila (his daughter) and Gerald marrying and expects a time of ‘increasing prosperity’ but feels a little uneasy in that Gerald’s parents might feel that their son is marrying ‘beneath himself’.

Edna (the maid) and the family live in Brumley, which at the time was an industrial city.

Arthur is a respectable and experienced man in his mid-fifties who likes to speak his mind about things.In the initial stage directions Priestley goes into immense details.Arthur Birling is the man and leader of the Birling household. The household live in a large suburban house and in 1912 they would be regarded as well off upper class citizens.On the other hand she could have been genuinely shocked, she may have known before and not wanted to believe it, to have this proved in front of her may have been a shock.Priestly had strong ideas about what the lighting should be like, he wanted to make sure that it was exactly right so the it could help to tell the story and help expose the characters emotions.Mr Birling’s workers are paid the going rate in the factory and he is determined to protect his own interests.His attitude towards ‘trouble makers’ is unsympathetic and he feels nothing for the young woman. Arthur is offended by the inspector’s attitude and may be slightly intimidated when the inspector looks hard into his eyes before addressing him.In addition, Birling is presented as being an imposing and demanding figure in the family.He has one of the highest percentages of dialogue, and often interrupts other members of the family, particularly Sheila.This emphasises his position as the patriarch, as he takes over and attempts to control everyone in his life.However, his misguided beliefs about the war and the Titanic demonstrate to the audience that he is a foolish man, with very little to say that is of much worth.


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