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Like the undesirable task of eating vegetables; doing my homework and chores before enjoying going out with friends is only second nature.

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She always gives me advice and helps me in my work but her bad habit is that she embarrasses me in front of everyone. I want to be just like my mother because she used to work for me.

I used to sing this poem every time: Who should i give my love to my respect and my owner to whom should i pay good morning to after Allah and Rasullah............

There is a great role of my mother in taking care for all our needs. She always inspires us and motivates us for doing something good and something great in our life.

In fact, my mother understands it very well about our wishes and our needs like a best friend.

Below is the completed assignment expressing my personal definition.

The experiences and thoughts expressed here are quite personal. My Hero, My Mother Everyone in the world has a different opinion about what a hero is.

A time that is really prominent in my mind, that i hope i will always remember, is the year when i was doing poor in English class and i wanted to drop it. She helped me realize that i was intelligent enough to be in the class.

My English teacher recently asked me to write an essay about what I think a hero is.

I recall a time back when I was around five or six where I threw an enormous tantrum about eating my vegetables.

Being the hero that my mother is, she made me eat every last carrot, pea, and broccoli there was on my plate.


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