Essay On N Unity In Diversity

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Nation states have the advantage of centralized decision making.

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Essay On N Unity In Diversity

It is high time to confront this negative vision with a new perspective for those citizens who feel left behind.Last year, the number of asylum seekers in the European Union more than doubled to about 1.3 million.I would like to salute all those who have opened their hearts and homes to refugees, especially in Austria, Germany, and Sweden.There is, in my view, a clear case as to how the U. has benefited—and will continue to benefit—from its membership in the European Union.First, there are the jobs and income gains that have come from increased trade within the EU. a richer economy, but it has also made it a more diverse, more exciting, and more creative country.At a deeper level, it shows how mankind is progressing from nature to culture, from superstition to enlightenment, from the darkness of chaos to the dawn of a new peaceful era. Europeans confronted their legacy of war and hatred; they embraced the ideal of ; and they managed to secure peace and foster economic and cultural prosperity. Right now, too many Europeans are worried about their cultural identity, their security, their jobs, incomes, and living standards.And too many of them are led to believe that things would be better if only Europe returned to closed borders and economic nationalism.Theirs is a deeply humanistic mindset that has inspired others on this continent and beyond.I have no doubt that Europe has the capacity and resources to deal with this humanitarian crisis if it puts its mind to it.This is not trade that would have happened anyway, or trade that has simply been diverted away from other parts of the world. has benefited from the many contributions of talented and hard-working migrants from all over the world, including the EU, while providing record-high levels of employment for all its residents. As in all countries, there are people who are struggling in this new environment, but for the majority of citizens, this has been a great success story.The formation of the EU and the single market has been instrumental in generating And with more trade has come more investment, as the U. has become integrated into European supply chains—such as in the aerospace industry, and in factories producing cars for the whole European market. It has been said that “it takes great courage to see the world in all its tainted glory, and still to love it.” So I wish to our fellow Europeans from the United Kingdom! Policies for a Prosperous and Dynamic Europe But let us step back and focus on what needs to be done in the European Union itself.


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