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1 : hardcover : acid-free paper).—ISBN 0–86597–119–6 (vol. The British Empire bustled beneath Victoria’s scepter and Russia creaked beneath the feudal splendor of Tsar Alexander III. When appeared in 1888, America was the youngest nation in a world still defined by ancient orders.

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Streaming down Oxford Street, about 11 every morning to the Inn; then books, very dreary books it must be said, most of them interminable records of minute facts through which it is not easy to trace the course of a consistent and clarifying principle till ; then lunch often in some man’s company and dropping about a little, then more books till ; then dinner in the hall of Lincoln’s Inn, It did not take long, however, for Bryce to look up from his legal studies and discover the great and vibrant intellectual universe that was London.

His key to this world came with the publication of his first book, the revision of his essay for which he had been awarded the Arnold Prize at Oxford in 1862.

You probably know about the largest international writing competition for young authors called The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition.

Since 1883, The Royal Commonwealth Society provides writers under 18 with an opportunity to express their thoughts, share their hopes, and reflect on the most important questions of the future and the present in a written form.

This event encourages students from all over the world to develop their creative and writing skills and build confidence in their talent, empowering them to become the real citizens of the global society.

All participants get a Certificate of Participation and the winners are invited to the Winners’ Week in London. By the end of Bryce’s life, the 1920 census had sketched a nation with a population of 105,710,620 (not including the territories of Alaska and Hawaii) divided among forty-eight states. When he first published , the population of the entire country, then only thirty-eight states strong, was a mere sixty million; New York took the lead with 5,082,871, while California boasted a meager 864,694 spread across its 155,980 square miles. Dakota (which would be divided the next year into North Dakota and South Dakota), Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona were all still territories; and Oklahoma was Indian Territory, not to become a state until 1907.Glasgow was “deficient” when it came to offering the atmosphere of intellectual camaraderie students would enjoy in Oxford or Cambridge; yet Bryce would later recall “not a few long arguments over the freedom of the will and other metaphysical topics to which the Scottish mind was prone.” Moreover, there were occasions aplenty for “an incessant sharpening of wits upon one another’s whetstones.” 5 When he left Glasgow in 1857, Bryce was more than ready for the illustrious academic career that awaited him at Oxford.When Bryce went up to Oxford to stand for a scholarship at Trinity College in May 1857, he found himself confronted by the demands of the Church of England. L.6 At Oxford, Bryce distinguished himself as an extraordinary student, sweeping up first-class degrees and an assortment of scholarly honors in his academic wake.James Bryce was a Scotsman of sturdy Presbyterian stock, born on May 10, 1838, in Belfast, Ireland.In 1846 the family moved from its beloved Ulster when Bryce’s father took up duties back in Scotland at the High School in Glasgow.In Democracy in America (1835) the Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville interpreted American society through the lens of democratic political theory. New York’s population had nearly doubled to 10,385,000; California’s had quadrupled to 3,427,000. By 1920, America was an increasingly urban nation with problems Bryce could not have envisioned when he began writing and Bryce’s death there had been four constitutional amendments, three serious and one frivolous.A half-century later the Scotsman James Bryce examined “the institutions and the people of America as they are.” Bryce presented his findings in The American Commonwealth, first published in London in three volumes in 1888. In addition to the ill-fated 18th Amendment prohibiting intoxicating liquors (repealed by the 21st Amendment in 1933), the fundamental structure of the Constitution was altered by allowing the income tax (16th Amendment in 1913), by providing for the direct election of Senators (17th Amendment, also in 1913), and by giving women the right to vote (19th Amendment in 1920).From his earliest days, young James was consumed by his curiosity about natural history, geography, and politics.When he turned sixteen, after his high school studies in Glasgow and, for a period, back in Belfast, Bryce matriculated at Glasgow University, where he spent three years steeped in the study of the classics, logic, and mathematics.


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