Essay On Physical Features Of Pakistan

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Other plateaus form as a result of upward folding while some are due to the erosion of the nearby land that leaves them elevated.Because plateaus are elevated, they are subject to erosion.

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Majority of volcanic mountains have summit craters that still expel debris and steam.

A valley is a lowland area or surface depression of the earth between higher lands such as mountains or hills.

Most glaciers have density thickness in the ranges of 91 to 3000 meters.

The movements begin when the compaction is so dense that it moves under the pressure of its weight.

In simple terms, it can be defined as a natural trough bounded by mountains or hills on the surface of the earth sloping down to the lake, ocean or stream, which is created because of water or ice erosion.

On this basis, the rivers or streams flowing through the valley empty the land’s precipitation into the oceans.

Examples of distinctive landforms include mountains, valleys, plateaus, glaciers, hills, loess, deserts, shorelines, and plains.

Features such as volcanoes, lakes, rivers, mid-ocean ridges, and the great ocean basins are also part of landform features.

Together, landforms constitute a specific terrain and their physical arrangement in the landscape forms what is termed as topography.

The physical features of landforms include slope, elevation, rock exposure, stratification and rock type.


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