Essay On Premarital Cohabitation

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There are many factors that contributed to this cultural shift.

Religious groups have always been significant combatants to sex outside of wedlock.

Sexuality as a whole is a sensitive topic to discuss, and being intimate in that way before marriage is even more difficult to talk about.

This is a subject many high school and middle school students ponder over, and exploring their sexuality at such a young age requires guidance and advice.

Traditionally, sex prior to marriage was considered to be wrong and immoral.

However, since the 1960s’ “sex revolution,” society has become more tolerant and accepting of premarital sex.

In the last couple of decades there has been a dramatic change in family values and beliefs, which has created many alternatives to the conventional marriage and traditional family form.

It used to be considered a disgrace not to marry, but now society seems to value independence instead of marriage, individual freedom over collective interests, and personal pleasure instead of nurturance.

Religion once had a far stronger influence on the morals accepted by society, however in recent years religious conviction seems to have faded and society has begun to establish its own morals....

[tags: wedlock, sex revolution] - In this paper I will investigate the morality of premarital sex as it pertains to the future implications on marriage satisfaction and stability.


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