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It is even portrayed in many forms of media such as in films or even in cartoons that usually tell us the lives of children and teenagers in schools in which the teachers are portrayed in such antagonistic ways. Finster or Miss Finster is portrayed as one of the nemesis of the main cast, which consists of a group of children who will occasionally pull some pranks towards Miss Finster.In one hand, the audience (usually children) will assume it as something awesome but in other hand, it gives such a negative impact for the children.

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There is no denying fact that A Good Teacher is responsible for the all-round development of the student.

I feel that the importance of the teacher is more in our life.

In many countries, a person who wishes to be a teacher as a profession must first obtain professional qualifications or credentials from a university or college.

The professional qualifications may include the study of pedagogy (which I may explain some other time), the science of teaching.

A Good Teacher is very polite, humble and farsighted.

Essay On Respect Of Teachers In English Pride And Prejudice Research Paper Topics

A Good teacher always tries to clear the doubt of the students.Teachers can make or mar the lives of their students by giving them good or bad instructions. He prepares himself well for teaching his students.A good teacher takes extra pains to keep herself well informed about the latest development in her subject.A Good Teacher guides the way how to manipulate complexity in the difficult situation of our life. She guides the students to think always positive in their life, and always try to far away from the negative ideas.A good teacher believes in punctuality, discipline and guides us how to well behaved with others how to respect Elders, how to accomplish all tasks on time. So the teacher plays an important role in student’s life.A teacher or an educator is a person who provides schooling for his pupils and students, either in formal or informal ways.Usually, the role of a teacher is formal and outgoing, carried out by way of occupation and at a school or other place of formal education.It's not like I'm blaming for the lack of respect from the students towards their teacher comes from the media, but I see that media is partially responsible for spreading the negative influences of not seeing teachers in high regard towards the children.I know it's not the children's fault for seeing the teachers as some kind of individuals that shall be antagonized (since I dislike Miss Finster as well. win against Miss Finster (even I did cheer sometimes, such an innocent past). It's not even surprising if sometimes, I receive some news that tell us something terrible that has been done by a couple of teachers, like a teacher sexually harassing his students.Ah, such a memorable childhood), but the way the teacher is portrayed, in this case, as a strict nasty teacher, the children can't help it but to cheer as the main characters, T. In this case, the producer is the one who must be blamed for portraying the teachers in such a disgraceful way. While I won't deny it that the teachers may do something like that, students and parents must not antagonize the teachers if a couple of us are doing such thing.They must know that teachers, including me are responsible for the building of society in this world.


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