Essay On Safe Water For Good Health

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It is possible to survive without food for days; but surviving without water is impossible by any means.

Due to the daily loss of water through the process of dehydration, it is essential to drink plenty of water to maintain the body balance.

- The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) is the main federal law that ensures the quality of Americans ' drinking water.

SDWA was originally passed by Congress in 1974 to protect public health by regulating the nation 's public drinking water supply.

Such losses reduce athletes' performance and records. The thirst mechanism is one of the most powerful and sensitive of all the body's regulatory mechanisms. You could try these tips to monitor your water intake. In conclusion, let us be concerned not only with monitoring our water intake, we have to be just as concerned about the water we consume - its quality and safety.

Hence it is important to drink more than the recommended minimum during intense exercise.

You can never suffer from constipation for instance if you drink enough water regularly.4.

Our whole body and the digestive system in particular work perfectly, all the organs work in synchronization with each other if they are fed with a few glasses of water every day.

A person can live for only a few days (only three to seven days) without it. With age, skin tends to become drier, so drink more as you age. Waste products that are normally washed out of the body are left in a higher concentration in the throat and mouth.

In the human body, water makes up 60 to 70% of body weight and is important in numerous bodily processes and functions. The bacteria that builds up (other than poor dental hygiene) can lead to bad breath.


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