Essay On Spending Leisure Time

It aims to give worker sufficient time for rest, recreation and intellectual pursuits.Leisure time is the golden time to be utilized in one’s spiritual and intellectual development. We should use our leisure time to satisfy our inner demands. This change instills in him new energy and strength. It satisfies the natural urge for creativity and brings profits as well.

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Gardening is a useful and profitable leisure activity. Only then leisure is going to be enjoyable and profitable.

Some people spend this time in stamp collection or coin collection as well. It is a good source of both knowledge and learning.

One can groom one’s personality by properly utilising the leisure time. Reading holy books, adventurous books or scriptures enriches our knowledge of culture, tradition and spirituality. Leisure time can also be utilized to pursue some social or creative activity. A man, who understands the importance of time, spends his leisure time in some purposeful activity. We should be very cautious in our choice of leisure activity.

He likes to enjoy this time in learning, painting, music, gardening, singing or photography. It should suit our resources, time and temperament.

On the whole, we shall have to admit that leisure is of utmost importance in our life. It is the time for rest, recreation and cool thinking.

It makes your tired mind and body fresh and active.The Importance of Leisure Time *No Works Cited Leisure is defined as freedom from the demands of work or duty.Everybody needs leisure in their lives, to balance the stress of work and life.Leisure can be profitably used in adopting some hobby, such as gardening, mountaineering, boating, swimming, riding, collection of stamps and coins, photography, singing and dancing and playing upon a harmonium and so on.Taking part in games and sports is also a useful hobby.Free time can also be usefully spent in meditation. As they work hard without any rest, they often suffer from a nervous breakdown, blood pressure and many other ailments.They have no time to look after their body, mind and soul.They indulge in drinking and gambling, litigation and anti-social activities. So you must have money to enjoy your leisure, but the money must be well spent.It is not at all easy to know what to do with leisure unless we Have been brought up to it.But the Indian workers have not got enough money to enjoy their leisure like their brethren in the western countries the U. Surely you need money to spend your free time or leisure in reading an interesting book or going on a picnic or excursion, or paying for a seat in a cinema hall, or purchasing a ticket at a football match in a stadium, etc.As a poor worker has no money to enjoy his leisure more often than not he is forced to sit at home and sleep on his holidays.


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