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You may have already identified your learning style without realizing it.Do you: These are all clues about which learning style you prefer. Click on the link below to take the VARK learning styles questionnaire.

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When you become adept at analyzing, processing, and combining concepts and develop the academic language needed to describe these intellectual activities, you will be able to demonstrate and share your own original thinking with peers and academic mentors.

The keys to developing these skills are the awareness and the practice of addressing reflective questions such as: Return to top of page Learning to write at the college level can prove to be a difficult task for even the best students.

Most learners benefit from studying in chunks, adopting an active learning style, and taking advantage of mechanical memory aids.

The following resources will help improve your concentration and memory.

Please click on any of the following writing topics: ( Return to top of page College courses require that you put together information obtained from separate readings and class lectures so that you can efficiently develop integrated review tools in preparation for your exams.

When you put strong test-taking strategies to use, you will A first step to improving your exam performance is to adequately prepare for each and every exam.Note: These are external links that will open in a new window.Return to top of page As a college student, you are engaged not only in increasing your personal stores of knowledge but also in expanding both the domain (conceptual breadth) and structures (analyses) of humanity’s understanding of our world.The following resources will help you design a disciplined note-taking system and a regulated pattern of behaviors to improve your long-term retention and higher-level comprehension. You’ve packed your brain full of definitions, dates, and details, preparing for a marathon of multiple choice and true & false questions, and now you’re staring at a single, solitary, terrifying essay question. You’re suddenly fighting for your life (okay, a grade), and your only weapons are a blank piece of paper and a pencil. Next time, prepare for the test as if you know it will be an essay test.​ Essay questions are based on themes and overall ideas.Developing a time management schedule that outlines what exams you need to prepare for and when the exams will be taken will help reduce your test anxiety when exam day comes.By using effective study methods and giving yourself time to prepare, you will perform better on exams.When you put good note-taking strategies to use, you will A first step to improving your note-taking is to organize your notebooks so that you can cross-reference your notes in real time and reconstruct them sequentially if need be.Evaluating proven note-taking systems will enable you to choose a system that leads you to complete, integrate, review, and condense your notes in order to get a jump on your exam preparation.•How to Get the Most out of Studying •Ten Tips for Better Test Taking •Preparing for Math Exams •Dealing with Test Anxiety •Emergency Test Preparation - A Structured Approach to Cramming!•Anticipating Test Content •Organizing for Test Taking Return to top of page College can be a wonderful yet highly stressful time in the lives of students.


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