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The first factor that influences the child is the fact that they are all different viewers, but the same TV programs that evokes in them varying responses.

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The conclusion was that those infants aged between 8 and 16 months were associated with strong lower scores on tests of language development due to the watching of too much television programs and DVD's/videos.

This theory was also used for those videos that were baby oriented and not for other (Schwartz, 2007).

Non discriminatory consumers can help develop their skills through the watching of television commercials.

Value and styles portrayed in different television programs are easily adopted by young growing children.

Dressing style, communication techniques, and behavior are some of the things that are starred up in the motion pictures and television among young viewers s (Bryant and Beth, 2009).

Television is a very powerful media affecting the behavioral patterns of viewers including those who seek entertainment programs only.Children have very limited experience which does not provide them with experience for references thus high incidental learning processes are encountered especially when the program they are watching promises them to have useful tools for their socialization process.They also get heroes who pose as their role models hence the children will identify themselves with these characters.The effect of television on children comes as a result of dynamic processes whereby the viewer's content and that of the television interact.Viewers of the television are all different from one another and thus the same program being watched by viewers evokes different responses (Gleason, 2001).In 2007, a research conducted for children under the age of two in a Washington University on the effects brought about by the television and DVD/video viewing on their development of language.The research carried out was performed through the use of telephones and interviewing the parents of these children.They should also be advised on how they can be selective in accepting the things they see on TV.Programs need to be altered to suit the requirements of children and thus the parents, teachers, institutions of learning, and civic groups have been given the mandate to see to it that all programs are increased to accommodate the needs of the needs of children who are from different age groups.Control measures should be from within the youngster watching the television.Children still need guidance on what kind of program they are allowed to be watching at what age.


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