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Maggie isn’t the kind of person to speak her mind if she is having a problem, unlike Jing Mei, who has a problem and makes sure to say something about it.As well as her keeping to herself, Maggie always stood by her mother, no matter what the situation was, she would never try and defy her mom like her sister did.People are often stereotyped into groups by things such as age, gender, cultural background, and ethnicity.

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Rebellion was a major part during her endeavor to gain her independence so she could finally grow up to be her own person.

Maggie, unlike Jing Mei, is dependent on her mother, she is very reliant on her.

While the amount of differences between Jing Mei and Maggie are a lot greater, there are still a few evident similarities. ” It took Jing Mei years for her to begin to understand her mother’s decisions, and how she might have been somewhat selfish, but really only wanted the best for her.

Jing Mei was very young and like most other kids, she hated listening to her mother. Comparably, Maggie always stood in the background so she wasn’t used to receiving much attention.

Jing Mei had also always rebelled against her mother because she didn’t she ever could live up to what her mother wanted, which was for her to be a genius.

Jing Mei always though that “unlike [her] mother, [she] did not believe [she] could be anything [she] wanted to be, [she] could only be [herself].

Maggie was very shy, she didn’t like to cause problems and she wasn’t one to start trouble.

Maggie’s sister and her mother were arguing about a quilt and her mother didn’t want her sister to have it, she wanted to give it to Maggie, but Maggie didn’t want to cause a problem so she tried to resolve the situation by saying “She can have them.

Maggie always doubts herself, “she had been chin on chest, eyes on ground, feet in shuffle, ever since the fire that burned the other house to the ground.

Because Maggie is so afraid of not being good enough she constantly needs reassurance from her mother, and she cares what she has to say, unlike Jing Mei who doesn’t care about her mother’s opinion.


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