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People must know that even in our sexual ways we are bound to Western civilization, that we do not need to have gone to school to be caught up in a system that has cross-ruled the entirety of humanity.« Well, after centuries of domination, we are totally ignorant of the origin of the ties in which we are chained or which underpin us to the West.

Then comes to my mind this tendency of some Togolese girls today – not most of them anyway!

We see it in our everyday speech, when we refer to grown women as “girls”; in how we treat senior citizens, when we place them in adult care centres where they’re forced to surrender their autonomy and privacy; and in the way school personnel and parents treat teenagers, refusing to acknowledge their intelligence and need for autonomy, restricting their freedom, and limiting their ability to enter the workforce. Frankfurt School scholars such as Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm and other critical theorists suggest that – like individuals – a society can also suffer from arrested development.

In their view, adults’ failure to reach emotional, social or cognitive maturity is not due to individual shortcomings. A return to innocence Visiting America in 1946, French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss commented on the endearingly infantile traits of American culture.

In fact, the great intellectuals of France, a democratic country, have sponsored the production of African thought. Both thinker-instigators of the symposium are published in France: Roughly speaking, African literature has always been a literature supported by masters.

The unmistakable Aimé Césaire was knighted by André Breton, who, on a trip to Martinique, had the surprise of his life by discovering in a wrapping paper an excerpt from to publish the works of African authors but none of them were published by this house.

Society-wide arrested development The dictionary defines infantilising as treating someone “as a child or in a way that denies their maturity in age or experience.” What’s considered age-appropriate or mature is obviously quite relative.

But most societies and cultures will deem behaviors appropriate for some stages of life, but not others.

They have merely followed what the West has already produced.

Now they are preparing to go to Mars, just to exhibit their power. What is the real value of spending billions of dollars on Mars?


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