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This culture will include contributions such as reading groups on the issues of individual liberty and social organization, discussions of the daily experiences of communities, and action groups that build unwavering commitment to a non-aggressive stand against reactionary agitations.Furthermore, the Nepali political sphere is heavily influenced by parties that espouse a particular ideology; however, the assumptions of these ideologies are rarely publically challenged.

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Farmers in Nepal have utilized contemporary tools, scientific innovation, and traditional ecological knowledge to deal with the challenges of agriculture.

From the harsh conditions in the rocky hills to the lushness of the plain terai, these experts have monitored the local conditions and devised solutions to boost production.

Additionally, conventional wisdom has it that youth lack wisdom; even if this popular adage is conceded for the sake of argument, the youth possess ingenuity, knowledge, and ability to drive national development.

This redefinition of youth identity can pave a path toward mutual respect and cooperation between youth and other national demographic groups as well as the international community.

Importantly, entrepreneurs embody the desire to take calculated risks and the awareness of the availability of opportunities (Elkington and Hartigan 2008).

For instance, the successful stories of World Link Nepal and Nepal Wireless Networking Project successfully demonstrate the ability of young entrepreneurs to channel the synergy of both individual and social capacity for national prosperity; the former provides reliable access to the internet and IT services to its customers, while the latter strives to promote socioeconomic transformation of remote locations through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for education and public health, among others.

Nepali youth needs to redefine itself by assuming a position at the forefront of critical inquiry into dogmatic social, economic, and political values.

For example, Nepali society has a strong commitment to cultural traditions and stagnant social hierarchies.

Having said so, several government acts, including the recent effort to ban women under the age of thirty from working in informal economic sectors of the Persian Gulf region[4], are clearly intended to protect citizens and prevent them from making bad decisions; however, a mature democracy allows individuals to make their own decisions by providing them with concrete information—in this case, information about the employment conditions in the Gulf—and making them aware of the circumstances they would be likely to face.

This approach obviates the need for coercion and instead allows room for discourse, which is essential given the human tendency to denigrate the motivations of others while maintaining confidence in one’s own subtleties and complexities.


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