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The first step is to decide what your main points will be. CONCLUSION Since the topic is why I love my dog, each of the body paragraphs will present one reason why I love my dog.

Use those main ideas as the headings for your outline. Always make sure your main ideas directly relate to your topic!

Give any necessary explanations, descriptions, evidence, or examples to convince the reader that you are making a good point. Remember to include the appropriate citation based on whichever format your teacher requires; having that information in your outline will speed things up when you write your paper (since you won’t have to go hunting for the bibliographic information) and make it easier to avoid plagiarism. I know my dog is friendly since he enjoys cuddling and like people.

To continue the example above, I might fill in part II of the outline as follows: II. I could add even more detail by including specific games my dog likes to play, behaviors that tell me he like to go on walks, and so.

For longer papers, each heading may be a section and your first (or even second) level of subheading will eventually become your paragraphs.

See how many sentences fall under each heading to get a rough idea of what correspondence makes the most sense for your paper.

Remember to start with your introduction as the first heading, add headings for each main idea in your argument, and finish with a conclusion. You can order your main ideas based on either the strength of your argument (i.e.

For example, an outline for a five-paragraph essay on why I love my dog might have the following headings: I. put your most convincing point first) or on some other clear organizing principle.

Again, you will probably want to add transition phrases or sentences to connect each paragraph to what came before and to help the reader follow your argument.

Once you have finished turning your outline into paragraphs, you should have a decent first draft of your paper.


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