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This is the question from the test: Before carrying on with this lesson, it would be a good idea to analyse the question and makes some notes on how you would answer and organise an essay like this.

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This would be wrong as the question is about past technological developments and recent developments.

'' is just a phrase to emphasise the opinion that past developments are not as influential as more modern ones and never will be, even in the future.

These are the penalties: Developing and extending your ideas is obviously crucial as well to get a good IELTS Task Response score but there is no point extending your ideas if they are the wrong ones because you have misunderstood the question!

So the key starting point for a high IELTS Task Response score is to fully answer the question.

The future could be discussed in reference to the extent to which people's lives may change, but it is not about which developments may arise in the future.

Another problem candidates faced with this essay question was what is actually meant by earlier and recent?

This mistake is likely to lead to a band 3 or 4 for task response: There are various options of how to organise your essay to show the examiner you have understood the question and answered it.

Here are some possibilities, all of which would help you get a good score for IELTS Task Response as they all fully answer the question.

The opinion in this essay question is indicating a comparison between two things: One confusion was with the word ordinary people, which led some candidates to go off-topic and start discussing the lives of poor people or other things not really related to the topic.

This simply refers to the everyday person in society, like you and me.


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