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Here’s an efficient way to clean up your essay before you move on to the next one.Scan through each sentence, then each paragraph, to see if the order makes sense and that each point ties together.

Here’s an efficient way to clean up your essay before you move on to the next one.

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Instead, write clearly and simply with the Argument-Evidence method (or, as I like to call it, the Sandwich Method).

In this method, you sandwich the evidence between the arguments, like so: Pancakes are the healthiest food you can eat for breakfast because they are a historically significant food that has powered America for generations.

Similarly, you want to front load your essay with the most important points because the person marking the paper is probably looking for key words and phrases; they won’t read the whole thing.

You’ve probably read an essay where the arguments ran in circles and the same handful of ideas were repeated over and over again, except with different words. The thing is, on a timed test that’s marked by a TA who has to grade a hundred more, this method doesn’t go over well.

They merely support clear, concise, and readable writing.

Good luck on your next essay exam and happy writing!

If you followed Rule 3 closely, you shouldn’t see any gaping holes or questionable arguments, but it’s nice to have a sanity check.

Note: In a written essay, it usually takes too long to fix faulty argumentation because you’ll have to cross things out and rewrite them, while computers will let you cut and paste paragraphs and sentences.

Generally, however, the decreasing-importance pattern is my default option.

This is because decreasing-importance pattern follows the way journalists write: they start with the most important piece of news to get their reader’s attention so in case the reader doesn’t read to the bottom, they still get the gist of things.


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