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Instead, it is often much more efficient to apply the terminology that you are learning to tangible things.For example, you can simply memorize a list of the names of the nerves in the foot, but it can be much easier to retain this information if you see pictures of the structures and have some appreciation for their function." "The student continues to work on finding appropriate sources for her research paper.

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First we examined how to read the prompt and devise a response that he could write about in detail.

We also talked a bit about "being your own thesaurus," and varying word choice to make the essay more agreeable to the grader.

We read through them and selected quotes for her to use in her paper." "We reviewed the student's most recent practice test, focusing on the more difficult math questions in Test 5. I emphasized the importance of using specific examples to support her theses, rather than vague aphorisms or general principles. We have one more meeting scheduled before her test, and we will try to go over a final practice test, as well as do more practice at outlining essays." "The student expressed some concern about the essay section, so most of today was devoted to scaffolding the proper process for the writing sample.

Referring back to the basic outline format we had worked out earlier, I took him through a sample essay.

No matter what your situation, medical terminology tutoring can help you in your academic and professional life.

In fact, in working with an instructor, you have the flexibility to maximize your efficiency by focusing on just the content that you find difficult.In fact, in many ways, learning medicine is like learning another language.Repetition, diligent study, and application are the keys to success in mastering medical terminology.As a medical student, you have a lot of material to absorb in a short amount of time.Rather than struggle to memorize medical terminology alongside trying to understand and apply other material covered, seek the help of a private tutor to guide you along the way.Varsity Tutors helps thousands of people asking, "How do I connect with the best Medical Terminology tutors near me?" Approaching the field of medicine can be hugely intimidating.A frequently overlooked aspect of learning medical terminology, however, is the importance of context.Simply trying to memorize a list of medical terms and their meanings is a recipe for disaster for many students.Your instructor is aware of how busy your degree program is and they are happy to hold lessons at a time that best suits you.Furthermore, you can choose where you would like to study, and are encouraged to pick a location that is a comfortable learning environment.


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