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Money can buy you medicines but it can’t buy you health just like money can buy you books but it can’t buy you knowledge.It has been scientifically proven that being physically active provides a seemingly endless number of overall health benefits to all of us. So, nutrients are directly related with energy and energy is essential for health.

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Although if you think about it, it is kind of obvious. But it doesn't buy absolutely everything anyone could want. Think about some of the things you take for granted with your health if you're an overall healthy person. If you already have a ton of money, it's easy to take advantage of not having to work hard to earn it.

Some of the wealthiest people could be some of the loneliest people. You could have this huge house, but be the only person living in it. Give perspective on the downfall's of being wealthy and why it is more appreciated when you are healthy.

Ask yourself if you'd like to be the one who wants to enjoy the nature of trees, lakes, and other natural beauty.

Or if you want to be the one who is so well off financially, maybe you don't even think anything of beautiful mountains.

He may not be able to spend lavishly or afford luxuries.

Therefore it is true to say that health is better than wealth.Yes, it takes care of the bills and gives you lots of extra spending room. Imagine what it would be like if you had an excessive amount of cash. Think of how others would act towards you if they knew how much you had in the bank.Ponder how having green in your pocket makes people react. all these habits will result to a good health or a healthy person.Again some bad habits (Such as smoking, drinking, having junk food etc) are forbidden in order to have good health.And as Benjamin Franklin says "Wealth is not his, that has it, but his that enjoys it”. They do not take care in eating food at the right time.However, there is a tendency of large number of people to run after wealth. In the process of gathering more wealth, they also undergo a lot of stress. The above two words convey a significant role in our daily life.Basically there are lot of logic behind both the importance of health and wealth.Only when someone has become serious ill do people realize the true importance of their health and the health of their friends and family.Overview on health Health: Being physically healthy is of prime importance in life.


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