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[tags: india, cholera epidemics, governments] - Charles Rosenberg’s article Cholera in the nineteenth-century Europe: A tool for social and economic analysis evaluates the impact of epidemics on society and the changes that ensue as a result.

It is Rosenberg’s view that most economic historians overlook the overall importance of epidemics by focusing primarily on economic growth.

Cholera is identified by rapid liquid diarrhea, vomiting, and accelerated dehydration due to depletion of bodily liquids and salts causing blood to coagulate and skin to turn blue.

This leads to a fall in blood pressure, otherwise known as the “sinking stage”, which is accompanied by muscle cramping, sunken cheeks and eyes....

In these cases, the loss of large amounts of fluids can rapidly lead to severe dehydration. ...a Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment." Medicine Net.

In the absence of adequate treatment, death can occur within hours” (Cholera Symptoms, Ca...

The works Love in the Time of Cholera and The Metamorphosis are exemplary in this respect.

The author’s choice, in both works, to use an outside force helps develop the storyline in each and brings out an underlying irony. Juvenal Urbino, a highly esteemed and prosperous doctor, as an outside force that initiated change in the relationship between Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza....

Rosenberg’s article aims to bring a more human approach to the Cholera epidemic while showing its potential to affect every aspect of society (453).

Rosenberg believes epidemics are an event that show the social values and attitudes towards science, religion and innovation at that particular moment in time (452)....


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