Essay Writing Classes For High School Students

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We don’t remain stagnant and we do not rest on our laurels.

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Students’ school assignments are coming back with poor or average grades, not because of their subject knowledge but simply because they cannot structure the information.

Mostly, they are able to state the obvious, but lack skills in structuring and justifying their argument.

This is not just affecting their English marks but also marks in subjects such as History, as well as less obvious areas such as Chemistry, when they have to provide long answers to open questions.

Universities are also finding this the case when it comes to students handing in assignments, which further affects students’ abilities to gain the best professional opportunities later in life.

Not only is essay writing an important skill in school subject areas, but learning to formulate a clear and convincing argument is an important part of brain development.

As a student organises his or her thoughts and develops an argument through structuring topic sentences and paragraphs, he or she is creating new connections in the brain.

Learning to organize thoughts for writing assists in all areas of life, such as problem-solving, negotiating and organising.

Some of the basic essay-writing skills that a child should be grasping by the end of their primary school years include: These are not new concepts to a child in Year 6 or 7.

This tutorial guides you through the planning stage of the essay-writing process.

It will cover selecting and rejecting ideas, categorising them, and choosing in what order and framework to present them within the essay itself.


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