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The Battle of Messines Ridge launched on the 7th of July 1917 , was a successful attack launched on Messines ridge, a German occupied ridge of high ground, which was essential to the Passchendaele campaign.The attack played out extremely successfully, with good conditions and a creeping barrage line which effectively cleared barbed wire allowing easy advancement of Allied troops whilst also holding back any German defenders.

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In light of that, it is fair to say that this is an essay of a very high standard, despite some shortcomings which are corrected below.

Thus, the following essay is a more than suitable model for students at NCEA Level 2.

The attack was an overall success with a low casualty rate and well-implemented tactics.

However, this somewhat easy capture sowed the seeds of arrogance in Field Marshall Douglas Haig which would eventually lead to the bloody disaster that was Passchendaele.

New Zealand’s involvement with the large-scale battles of WW1 cements its place on the stage of global warfare.

Passchendaele had massive impacts on various sectors of New Zealand, including its, social, political and economical development and welfare.

This assessment is one of the most widely taken papers in NCEA history.

The Battle of Passchendaele can be a well suited event to cover in your essay for this exam at levels 1 & 2.

Quotation of historians and identifying what form of perspective their comments represent will be necessary for students to achieve in NCEA history.

This is called historiography and involves presenting and analysing various historian’s outlooks on the event in question.


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