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That week the counselor receives a call from Jessica’s parents wanting to know what is going on with their daughter. Ethical standard involved: The issue here is of sharing confidential information divulged by a minor during therapy with the parents. Does she recognize that she has a problem and is she looking for a way to come out of it? Reporting Ethical Violations If an apparent violation had substantially harmed or is likely to substantially harm a person or organization and is not appropriate for informal resolution or is not resolved properly, counselors take further action appropriate to the situation.The following points from the Singapore Association for Counselling, Australian Counselling Association and American Counseling Association pertain to this issue: Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC)’s Code of Ethics: Section B point number 3, which states ‘Members discuss with clients as early as feasible in the therapeutic relationship appropriate issues such as the nature and anticipated course of counseling, fees and confidentiality’. 1 Counsellors must take all reasonable steps to be aware of current law as it applies to their counselling practice. Or is she unapologetic about her drug abuse and wants to keep going down that path? Such action might include referral to state or national committees on professional ethics, voluntary national certification bodies, state licensing boards, or to the appropriate institutional authorities.

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Section B: Confidentiality, Privileged Communication and Privacy B. Clients Lacking Capacity to Give Informed Consent B. Counselors are sensitive to the cultural diversity of families and respect the inherent rights and responsibilities of parents/ guardians over the welfare of their children/ charges according to law.

Counselors recognize the need to balance the ethical rights of clients to make choices, their capacity to give consent or assent to receive services, and parental or familial legal rights and responsibilities to protect these clients and make decisions on their behalf. Responsibility to Parents and Legal Guardians Counselors inform parents and legal guardians about the role of counselors and the confidential nature of the counseling relationship.

Case Vignette 2: Alex Alex works as a counselor at a local agency. Last but not least if I then observe that the agency is turning a blind eye to Alex’s behavior in spite of drawing their attention to it & I see his clients’ welfare suffering as a result of his unethical practice, as an ethical counselor it behooves me to pursue the matter and further take it up with the regulating body.

He is also the president of the local right to life organization. Which aspects of this dilemma do I anticipate would be the most challenging for me to deal with? If I were Alex’s colleague in this situation, my pro-choice views would directly clash with his pro-life stance and I would be alert to this fact and leave it out during our discussions lest it becomes a personal issue between me and him.

She says she used to only smoke marijuana, but that now this had increased to weekly party hits of Cocaine and speed. The counselor should inform her of her duty to take the parents into confidence and draw her attention to the limits of confidentiality and also the informed consent process that she must have gone through at the beginning of the therapy.

She tells the counselor that the effects of these drugs is beginning to diminish and that she feels like she has to try something harder like heroin, to gain the same effect. How to deal with this disclosure depends on her own state of mind and her family situation.

Australian Counselling Association (ACA)’s Code of Conduct: Code of Ethics section, point number five which states, ‘as members of the ACA we will: offer a promise of confidentiality and explain the limits of duty of care’. Then the counselor should try to understand by discussing with Jessica how she thinks her parents will react. In that event the counselor’s accurate judgment of the level of support the parent/s can offer is vital to the disclosure process. Informal Resolution When counselors have reason to believe that another counselor is violating or has violated an ethical standard, they attempt first to resolve the issue informally with the other counselor if feasible, provided such action does not violate confidentiality rights that may be involved. This standard does not apply when an intervention would violate confidentiality rights or when counselors have been retained to review the work of another counselor whose professional conduct is in question.

Also the following points in the Code of Practice section: 2. If the parents are up to their necks with their own problems relationship or work issues etc. Impairment Counselors are alert to the signs of impairment from their own physical, mental, or emotional problems and refrain from offering or providing professional services when such impairment is likely to harm a client or others. Ethical Behavior Expected Counselors expect colleagues to adhere to the ACA Code of Ethics. Ethical Trap Possibilities: This is a Values trap if Alex is influencing his clients and urging them to adopt solutions that are consistent with his values without regard to their value system.

Which aspects of this dilemma do I anticipate would be the most challenging for me to deal with? In my case I think, as the mother of a daughter I would have to focus hard not to get carried away, and not to lose my objectivity with Jessica. 7 Resolving conflicts between Ethical Priorities 2. In these circumstances, they are urged to consider the particular situation in which they find themselves and to discuss the situation with their counselling supervisor and/or other experienced counsellors. Depending on his reaction to our discussion, I should support him as he tries to deal with the issue by offering suggestions and feedback. I should also try to get a second opinion and see if others feel the same way as me.

Also though it would probably be alright to sympathize with her parents, it will be important for me to keep in mind that Jessica is my primary client and understanding her point of view should be my main concern and I should not be swayed from that. 2 A counselor who suspects misconduct by another counselor which cannot be resolved or remedied after discussion with the counselor concerned, should implement the Complaints Procedure, doing so without breaches of confidentiality other than those necessary for investigating the complaint. Even after conscientious consideration of the salient issues some ethical dilemmas cannot be resolved easily or wholly satisfactorily. If it turns out that Alex is either not ready to change or worse is abusing his power as a counselor to propagate his values, it is my ethical duty to report him to the agency.


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