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Idea #13: The Instrumental Hip Hop Playlist: It’s Hip Hop without the words so there won’t be anything to distract you.Lyrics can be a mental nuisance to some when they’re trying to study.Again, just try not to fall asleep or into a meditative state while studying for a math exam or reading.

Idea #13: The Instrumental Hip Hop Playlist: It’s Hip Hop without the words so there won’t be anything to distract you.Lyrics can be a mental nuisance to some when they’re trying to study.

This can be especially useful for contemporary history classes/majors!

Idea #4: The Wordless Eastern Euro-Trance Playlist: I’ve got two words for you, Paul Oakenfold.

If you’re unfamiliar with European Trance, or Lyrical Trance then prepare to experience something with real drive.

Paul has hours of content and it’s almost all without exception awesome for study sessions.

After Chinski listened to Simone’s songs, he contacted her to propose that she write a book.

“It seemed like he already viewed music and literature as part of one continuum,” Simone says.

Idea #8: The Ambient Playlist: Wordless, driving, drifting, pulsing, flowing. Just make sure that you get some songs with energy or you might fall asleep on your textbook!

Idea #9: The Fitness-based Playlist: Studying is the equivalent of a great workout for your mind. It’s almost too easy to build playlists for sweating in the gym, why not the library?


But, here’s the good news — you will get through this! These are our top fifteen picks to help you through even the bleakest of the bleak all-nighters.


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