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There is some evidence to suggest that milder forms of aggressive driving may escalate into more serious incidents (Novaco, 1991).Are certain personality types more prone to the second type? For the sake of this paper, road rage is viewed as a mental illness of human functioning as triggered by the interaction between environmental factors such as heavy traffic, and mental thoughts and emotions vary in intensity in individuals/situations, is evoked differently in individuals and leads to different behavioural outcomes in individuals.

There is some evidence to suggest that milder forms of aggressive driving may escalate into more serious incidents (Novaco, 1991).

This statement is supported by Smart, e.a (2002) who states that current reporting on road rage could just be the tip of the iceberg.

This line of argumentation begs the question as to where the dividing line between “ordinary/normal” and “extraordinary/abnormal” road rage lies.

The main reason for society not “crying foul” at this time is most probably due to the fact that the less extreme outcomes of road rage such as showing the finger, swearing, tailgating, etc.

are experienced by most normal people during a period of time.

Research suggests that the “typical” low self-esteemed/external locus of control/low maturity level/low self-control/low impulse control/high anger evoked/etc. The question which then arises is whether it is a treatable illness or not.

the type may be more prone to overt and more serious actions during/following their experience of road rage thoughts and emotions (Jerome, e.a 2004). In this article typical road rage causes and treatment, protocols will be discussed.

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Whereas a considerable amount of attention has been devoted to the assessment and treatment of maladaptive anger in general (Sharkin, 1988), little attention has been paid to the specific case of driving anger.

Driving anger may be in need of more attention, especially given that anger may be experienced more frequently while driving than during other activities (Parkinson, 2001). It is an emotional, cognitive and behavioural psychiatric disorder just as the antisocial personality (criminal) is viewed as one.


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