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Well-constructed essay questions test higher-level knowledge than most objective questions. Abstract: More college teachers should make use of essay examinations in their courses.Because essays address higher-level cognitive processes, you can individually direct students in their thought processes.

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If you know whose paper is being evaluated, the grade may reflect personal feelings for that student, or may reflect influence from past grades.

For example, if the student received an A on a past exam, you may tend to give a higher grade than is actually deserved on this exam (and vice versa if a student had received an F).

Unfortunately, many of these students discover too late that their writing skill in the "real world"--whether it is in the form of a memo, a proposal, or a report--is the difference between success or failure in their profession. Your feedback on an essay can help students form insights into the subject material, organizational skills, and writing skills. Essays, however, can reveal the depth and breadth of students' knowledge, as well as erroneous conclusions that are drawn. Good multiple-choice exams are extremely time-consuming to prepare.

The essay, however, requires much less preparation.

If they perceive that you fail to grade their responses adequately (as indicated by your written comments and suggestions), students will not bother to study at a higher level for the next test, but will instead return to memorizing facts.

Sometimes an essay question is not representative of the content covered.

Simply scanning a response and assigning it a numerical grade will not close the learning cycle.

Students quickly learn how to study for your exams!

Advantages of the Essay Essays can test higher-level cognitive skills.

Objective exams can also test higher-level skills, but on a more limited basis.


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